A whitepaper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management (GLM). 

Traditional IT is giving way to flexible “as-a-service” solutions at a rapidly accelerating pace. Technology companies are facing bigger challenges, which are intensified by the need to aggressively adopt digital transformation (DX) internally while simultaneously adapting their solution portfolio to enable their customers’ DX journeys.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has examined how and why technology companies are judiciously shedding legacy operations in the context of their need for speed on the road to the “as-a-service” world and DX. Through interviews with industry experts and customers, “A Roadmap for Technology OEMs” encourages you to consider the accelerated transformation and extensive benefits that come with simplifying your business operations — while also expanding your reach — through purposeful partnerships.

  • Learn why everything-as-a-service (XaaS) sales are accelerating and what technology companies are doing to support their customers
  • Incorporate best practices into your business to enhance the success of XaaS
  • Discover the value of third-party lifecycle management partners

We invite you to think again about your DX journey and how the right strategic, global partnerships can help get you there.


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