Product and Customer
Lifecycle Management

OEMs excel at creating great products and staying on top of the latest technology advances. The problem is that—in order to support a product completely—you need to consider every single hardware touchpoint, as well as the customer touchpoints that surround those great products. Global Lifecycle Management offers solutions on both sides of the equation to supplement your operations or quickly launch these programs without major capital investments.

1. Design and Build

Design and build products by leveraging Tech Data’s team of experienced engineers. We can handle integrations, configurations and customizations from complex solutions to endpoint devices—to your or your customers’ specifications.

2. Procure and Stock

Tech Data will source and stock all materials, peripheral accessories and anything else needed in one of our global distribution and logistics facilities.

3. Sell and Grow

Let us help grow your revenue by taking your product to market. We can manage your channel and enable your reseller and dealer communities, as well as grow their end-user customer base.

4. Ship and Deploy

Once we take your product to market, we need to make sure it gets where it needs to go and is expertly installed. We’ll send technicians directly to your customers to complete installation and deployment—all under your brand.

5. Use and Manage

Your customers deserve the most value from their product purchase. Let Tech Data empower your end users, maintain IT environments, repair hardware, deliver training and contact customers when renewals are coming up so they are up to date on the latest technology and upgrades available.

6. Retire and Dispose

As products approach their end of life, Tech Data can capture the product for refurbishment or disposal in a secure, environmentally friendly way. We’ll recover the greatest value so you can reinvest capital as needed.

Focus on the Road Ahead

Every journey is unique, and Tech Data can help you accelerate your growth and reach your destination faster by embracing every opportunity along the way.

Cash flow
Cash Flow
Tech Data improves cash flow by optimizing your end-to-end supply chain.
Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction
Reduce fixed costs and free up capital by leveraging Tech Data's infrastructure.
Seamless Experience
Seamless Experience
Our implementation process ensures a smooth transition without impacting your business operations.
Revenue Growth
Revenue Growth
Generate new sales with an extended team managing your channel and customers.
Increased Capacity
Increased Capacity
Free up space by taking advantage of our global facilities.
Scale your business quickly with our worldwide resources.




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A New Category of Technology Partner

The game has changed. You need a new type of technology partner—beyond product distribution—to handle the product and customer lifecycle needs that you either can’t or no longer want to do yourself.

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  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Supply Chain Management

    We build flexibility into your supply chain to increase visibility, drive efficiency and reduce costs. Our expert team designs 3PL, fulfillment and hybrid models to optimize your supply chain, reduce costs and release precious capital from your operations. Services include:

    • Inventory management
    • Financial services
    • Transportation management
    • Order management
    • Import and export management
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  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Channel Management Services

    We work as an integral part of your team executing your mission. We can help you recruit and enable partners, develop revenue strategies, identify growth opportunities or create campaigns to drive customer and partner awareness and retention. Services include:

    • Partner acquisition
    • Partner enablement
    • Pipeline generation
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  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Integration Services

    We will help you deliver custom-tailored solutions to your customers—everything from endpoint devices to complex rack-mounted systems. Services include:

    • Product design
    • Prototyping
    • Complex converged assembly
    • Endpoint device configuration
    • Customization options
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  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Deployment Services

    Add the global resources of Tech Data to extend or outsource your service delivery capabilities. We can deliver a broad scope of technical capabilities worldwide with services for multi-site deployment and migrations so your internal resources can focus on developing innovative ways to serve your customers. Services include:

    • Installation
    • Implementation
    • Migration services
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  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Customer Success

    Ensure your end users are informed, fully supported and successful while using your products. When your customers meet their objectives, they become more loyal to you and more likely to stick with your brand in the future. Services include:

    • Relationship management
    • Business development
    • Concierge support
    Learn More
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Certification and Training

    Let Tech Data spearhead your certification and training efforts. Empower and educate your employees, partners and customers on your products and increase the value that you bring to the enterprise. Services include:

    • Employee training
    • Channel certification programs
    • End-user training programs
    Learn More
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Maintenance Services

    Tech Data’s maintenance and support services provide you with a highly responsive maintenance capability. Ensure your customers have fully operational IT equipment to meet their individual business needs with services that include:

    • Hardware and software maintenance
    • L1-L3 technical support
    • Renewal services
    Learn More
  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Revenue Retention Services

    Closing new business is not enough to realize your full revenue potential. Each customer engagement represents a valuable opportunity for ongoing engagement, traction and revenue retention. Services include:

    • Hardware and software renewals
    • Software compliance
    • Upsell and cross sell
    Learn More
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Repair Services

    Customer satisfaction and retention depend on quality repairs. Tech Data’s expert engineers and certified technicians repair a full spectrum of IT products on your behalf. Services include:

    • Spare parts management
    • Repair services
    • Root cause analysis
    • Demonstration and evaluation programs
    Learn More
  • Product Lifecycle Management

    IT Asset Disposition Services

    Reduce complexity and recover additional value with Tech Data’s complete IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. You can trust your customers’ aging IT equipment to Tech Data’s certified engineers and quality standard processes. Services include:

    • Refurbishment
    • Data erasure
    • Compliant e-cycling
    Learn More

Unparalleled Breadth and Depth of Capabilities

We don’t just talk it—we walk it. Customers can confidently scale, extend, augment or even outsource their product and customer lifecycle management and trust it will be done right.





“Tech Data was able to understand our business objectives, and their team was able to integrate seamlessly into our operation. Not only were they great to work with, but they helped us step up our sales and support game.”

Director of Sales and Support, International Electronics Manufacturer

"Tech Data hit on all cylinders for us with their supply chain solution when we looked at alternatives to save cost. Their solution helped us improve our lead time, significantly reduce damaged deliveries and even increase our product offerings to our customers. With Tech Data’s supply chain expertise guiding our processes, we’ve been able to redeploy investments to drive more revenue for our business."

Director of Logistics - Electronics Manufacturer

“Tech Data looked at every step of the data center setup, from how parts were shipped and stocked to how integration and configurations were completed both on site as well as in the engineering labs.”

VP of Professional Services, OEM

“We really appreciated that Tech Data had people with experience with Air Magnet and had a deep bench of experts who had worked in a hospital environment. It was easy to work with them to solve our customers’ problems.”

VP of Professional Services, OEM

“With Tech Data, we were able to engage our customers and build stronger relationships at multiple touchpoints. This led to uncovering opportunities and sales across our entire geography.”

Director of Sales - Software Manufacturer