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Configuration & Customization

Improve time to market with extended engineering support.

Customizing a hard drive to client's specifications.

An extension of your team

Product or multi-vendor solution configuration and customization

Today, more and more customers expect their solutions to arrive plug-in ready so they can get into production quickly. This means your solution needs to be completely configured, customized and tested. With facilities and trained specialists located strategically around the world, Tech Data's Global Lifecycle Management Services can help customers realize the value from their technology purchases faster.

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When network outages can take down your customer's business, you can be confident that Tech Data can keep their systems up, running and connected.


Configuration and Customization Capabilities

Setup Services

Tech Data can provide all elements of hardware, software and networking setup specific to your customers' needs.

Asset Tagging

We create and apply tags, capture data and provide a report of the data to the customer for inclusion into their asset management database.

Accessory Management

Our processes for managing solution accessories makes everything simple for your customer.

Custom Labeling and Packaging

Based on your needs, we can customize how we label and package your solution. 

Bios and Firmware Updates

Your solution will have the latest updates so it is plug-in ready when it arrives on-site.

Validation Testing

We verify that your solution is production-ready and meets all of the requirements for functionality, performance and reliability.

"Tech Data determined that there wasn’t one single issue that was causing the connectivity interruptions in our client's environment, but a series of smaller misconfigurations in the network that actually had nothing to do with the problems that were initially diagnosed."

Director of Professional Services, VAR