How Can OEMs Improve Customer Relationships with a Successful Deployment Process?


Product deployment is a strong component in the customer experience process for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and can directly influence customer loyalty to your brand. To some, it may seem simple to deliver and install a product or system at the customer’s site, but the installation and migration process comes with several risks, such as unknown prerequisite supplies, system mismatches, missing parts and other challenges that can turn the deployment process into a long, frustrating and expensive experience. If these risks become reality for an unexpecting customer, it can threaten your relationship with them.   

 The Key to Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Customers

When customers order a new technology solution or expand an existing legacy, the relationship with your company has already been established. You can maximize the investment of your time and money in this relationship by providing an accelerated, high-quality installation and system migration to improve the customer experience and build a trusting, long-lasting relationship.

Whether the customer needs a basic setup or an advanced technology deployment, you want to be able to offer them a custom-tailored service that understands the technology they have purchased, the systems they already have in place and how to make them work together efficiently. By implementing your deployment strategy with high-touch, quality-driven support before and after installation, you reduce the risk of potential disappointments, missed deadlines and budget and scheduling problems while also demonstrating your commitment to customer success.

The Right Team Makes All the Difference

Given the complexity of varied customer environments and needs, it is important to have access to a competent and flexible team of IT professionals who are certified and experienced in diverse integrated solutions.

A successful deployment strategy needs a workforce that can be scalable and dynamic to effectively meet the demands of both your customers and an evolving industry that experiences frequent changes and various technology updates. The OEM deployment team should solidify customer success from the beginning of the relationship, continue building upon it throughout the sales process and help keep the customers close and loyal to your brand.

The Importance of Deployment Services in Strengthening the Customer Relationship

Nurturing a strong relationship with customers is not always an easy task. It requires constant effort from different departments and teams. The deployment services you offer your customers can play a decisive role in consolidating this relationship. The first steps in accomplishing this are being attentive to customer concerns, focusing on detail and offering a post-installation follow-up, all while also providing an outstanding level of service during the full lifecycle that leaves the customer fully satisfied.

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