Outsourcing field, integration and repair services to enable business transformation

Fujitsu America, Inc. was ready to accelerate its business transformation by focusing more on its core digital offerings, but the company needed a partner to take on the work that was holding them back. Discover how partnering with a single services provider empowered Fujitsu America, Inc. to offload its Technical Maintenance Services (TMS) business while maintaining a consistent customer experience.

In this case study, you’ll learn more about the benefits and outcomes of this partnership as well as:

  • What criteria they utilized for an outsourced services provider
  • How they ensured a smooth and seamless customer transition
  • Why they chose Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management as their sole outsource TMS partner

“Outsourcing services operations like this to a trusted partner truly empowers companies to transform the way they do business and invest their capital into developing the game-changing technologies the future needs — our team is here to help them do just that.”

—Larry Miller, senior vice president, Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management


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