Comprehensive Repair Program Management and Reporting


Robust repair program structure and reporting provide the vital foundation and valuable data insights your customers expect. Specifically, a single-vendor repair strategy helps to reduce complexity and prevent an inconsistent customer experience. It’s also important to have full visibility of your repair results to keep you informed and up to speed. That way, you know exactly what to expect and when. Keep in mind these top two best practices for repair program management to help build a strong foundation for your customers:

Compare Multi- vs. Single-Vendor Repair Strategies

Many professionals assume that maintaining multiple technical products requires multiple repair vendor partners. However, in practice, a multi-vendor repair program can provide an inconsistent customer experience and does not provide full visibility across the supply chain and into repair status. It is also significantly more difficult to manage — often seen as problematic, even — from the perspective of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). As consolidations, competition and other industry trends continue, now may be the perfect opportunity to consider a single-vendor repair program strategy, allowing you to refocus on increasing customer service and cost savings while streamlining repair processes and reporting.

Embrace Data and Real-Time Visibility

In today’s demanding real-time world, data is power. New competition and business pressure can drive the data analytics and real-time visibility you’ve been wanting to implement, making now the best time to procure a full line of sight into your equipment and repair results. From product receival and asset tagging to repackaging and shipment, you can gain access to the greatest amount of information in the most digestible format.

A single-vendor can help streamline your product repairs and simplify your customers’ experience. Tech Data Global Lifecycle Management (GLM) helps OEMs like yours implement best practices for comprehensive repair program management and reporting to provide the structure and real-time insight you need, and give your customers the benefits they deserve. GLM also provides expert engineers and trained technicians to ensure your product operates optimally, and your customers get to experience the full value of using your equipment. Find out how GLM can help you deliver a robust repair strategy today.