Today’s OEM supply chain is undergoing incredible transformation as customer needs, business models, products and technology change. Digital innovation has created an “instant/real-time world” leading to a fundamental shift in the channel – the end customer now holds the power and their needs are changing. Consumer experiences are penetrating the B2B arena to the point customers are now expecting immediate, accurate and flexible product delivery at any quantity.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn how the “Three Ps of Network Optimization” can help your organization successfully address this customer-driven era while balancing costs and potential business disruption by:

  • Putting the customer first
  • Picking the right logistics model
  • Providing real-time visibility

“Customers are influenced by their experience in the supply chain – even in the simplest terms, it’s easy to see that a late delivery can disappoint, whereas an expedited delivery can delight.” 

- Lisa Callinan, Research Director at Gartner


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