The most valuable input into a company’s strategy comes from its customers. In its quest to align its offerings to meet customer needs, Tech Data’s Global Lifecycle Management (GLM) team regularly conducts proprietary research that explores what is top of mind for technology OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Given the proliferation of the “Everything-as-a-Service” model, technology firms are forced to navigate the inverse relationships between cost and revenue as they transform out of product and project-based revenue streams. This unprecedented change in the industry is asserted to take upward of five to nine years…and counting.

During this 45-minute webinar, Eileen Gibson, vice president of Market Management and Strategy, Tech Data, and J.B. Wood, president and CEO, TSIA, will share what IT OEMs are doing as they move through their transformation journeys to improve:

  • The customer experience.
  • Business financial performance.
  • Industry market position.

Hear where technology OEMs are placing their bets, where they’re not, and why some of them are thinking again about their investment and optimization strategies.

Presented By:

J.B. Wood
President & CEO, TSIA

Eileen Gibson
VP, Market Management and Strategy, Tech Data

Publish Date: February 6, 2020



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"Tech Data hit on all cylinders for us with their supply chain solution when we looked at alternatives to save cost. Their solution helped us improve our lead time, significantly reduce damaged deliveries and even increase our product offerings to our customers. With Tech Data’s supply chain expertise guiding our processes, we’ve been able to redeploy investments to drive more revenue for our business."

Director of Logistics - Electronics Manufacturer